Become part of the projection!

preENTER is an audiovisual performance based on live sampling. Playing their instruments live, this ensemble consists of four musicians and two visual artists. Specially developed video and audio-controller create a symbiosis with live-instruments such as double bass, rhodes, syntheziser und sampler. People from the audience can participate in the show by using flat bed scanners that are feeding images to a projector. By scanning themselves the audience becomes part of the visual performance, wich interacts with the music vice versa. The concept of direct interaction between audience, visuals and live music creates an open end-dialogue, symbolizing that there is “No life without interaction”.

preENTER Documentation

After years of work, we are very proud to present you the preENTER Documentation.
 The book preENTER Docu V2 
 The preENTER Docu V1 

Video Documentation

You want to know all about the project preENTER? But you are to lazy to read?
 preENTER Documentation V4 
 Assembling the installation Video